Miso Soup

tofu, scallion, wakame, hijiki

Coconut Curry Ramen

Vegetables and noodles in spicy, red coconut broth with cilantro and lime

Edo Tuna Poke

marinated bigeye, avocado, wakame, and red onion served over rice

Maguro Deluxe Roll

akami tuna and avocado roll with tobiko

Pan-Fried Gyoza​

six dumplings with homemade sauce selection changes daily

Oyakodon Ramen

hearty chicken, pork, and soy broth with celery, carrot, chicken, and egg

Hawaiian Salmon Poke

marinated salmon, red onion, sesame, ikura, avocado and ponzu over rice 

Salmon Deluxe Roll ​

marinated salmon and avocado roll with tobiko

10Yen Yakitori

griddle-glazed chicken topped with togarashi, scallion, and sesame

Ginger-Soy Pork Belly Ramen

spoon-tender pork belly in spicy broth with scallion, sesame, and cilantro

Seared Tuna Carpaccio

five pieces of tuna akami torched with two sauces and topped with scallion and masago

California Deluxe Roll

snow crab meat, avocado and cucumber roll with sesame and masago